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Powershell Nuget Proxy Tip

Let’s toggle nuget proxy configuration with a powershell alias. Using public nuget sources as well as private sources through a proxy can be tulmiltuous at times. That’s why I wrote a little script to toggle the nuget proxy and enable or disable the private source depending on my location and sort of project I’m working on. First the script $proxy = '' $source = "Private-Repository" $value = (nuget config HTTP_PROXY 2> $null) if ($proxy -eq $value) { nuget config -Set HTTP_PROXY= Write-Host The $value proxy was removed.

Creating a Desktop File in Linux

Recently, I downloaded TeamSpeak which is a voice application. I extracted the application to a folder and inside was which would allow me to run the application. Over time it became redundant to continually open the terminal to navigate and run the script to use the application. Here are the steps I took to enable it to be run from the application launcher. I wanted the application to be used regardless of which user I was logged in as.

Introduction to git submodules

What is a submodule? When cloning a git repository it will sometimes be that the superproject repository uses submodules. A submodule is a commit reference to another projects repository that the superproject depends on. You can identify this by the superproject containing a .gitmodules file in the root directory of the superproject repository. How do I correctly clone the superproject? There are a few steps that are required on your part before you can utilise the superproject repository as desired: